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Bricolage as an Approach to Learning


 Bricolage cinematic writing are two segments of the process of knowing. If cinematic writing refers
to multimodal tools and techniques that are used to manipulate and represent the process of knowing, bricolage provides a conceptual guidance. It is a manner of 'rippling' – diverging converging – experimenting with
the diversity of the possibilities that individual curiosity may invoke and testing them against rules
and standards that have already been established   .

In other words, bricolage is pushing the boundaries of the conventional wisdom by improvising and testing probability against actuality. The notion of remix and deep remixability as a cultural trend, 'a condition in which everything (not just the content of different media but also languages, techniques, metaphors, interfaces, etc.) can be remixed with everything,'1 plays a central role in bricolage. Catalyzed by the advent of digital media
and the Internet, it allows bricolage as process of knowing to be developed in a do-it-yourself (DIY) manner.

The DIY approach is an underlying logic in the application of cinematic writing and the construction
of analytical and experimental bricolage. The point of arrival in the process of knowing is not an artistically skillful piece for final presentation but the construction of a meaningfully valuable outcome.

Consequently, the process of knowing with cinematic writing as a technique and bricolage as a methodology, can be characterized as representing meaning-making. No matter how crude is the artistic level
of the representation, the action of embodiment with the use of deep remixability leads to a highly personal understanding of the subject under investigation.

Creativity in the process of knowing, therefore, becomes not a display of learned techniques, but also the knower's journey into the unknown using DIY approach .
The aesthetics of the process of knowing acquire a character of a logical elegance (not artistic mastery)
in deriving a meaning out of a diverse range of pieces of gathered  information, examples of observation
and experimentations and analytical processing.

1 Campanelli, Vito. (2015). Toward a Remix Culture: An Existential Perspective. In E. Navas, O. Gallagher, B. Xtine (Eds), The Routgedge Companion to Remix Studies [Kindle version, p. 73]. Routledge: Taylor & Frances Group

Bricolage – is a methodology
for the process of knowing by means
of deep remixability, where everything can be remixed with anything.

Divergence convergence
a process of negotiation between individual curiosity and conventional wisdom.

Representing meaning-making – alternating and mutually stimulating steps of the process of knowing.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) – underlying logic
of the process of knowing that drives
the process towards the construction
of meaning (not a skillfully crafted piece of artwork).

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