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Dr Lena Redman (Elena Petrova) is an independent educational researcher, the originator of the Ripples model for teaching and learning ( ), and the author of I Really Do Care – Shouldn't We All? (2020) , Knowing with New Media: A Multimodal Approach for Learning (2018) .

She was born in Astrakhan (the former Soviet Union), where she studied at Vlasov School of the Fine Arts, graduating as a theatre set designer.

In June 1991, Lena Redman and her family left the Soviet Union for Hungary, where they were granted political asylum under the United Nations protocol.

Since then, the Petrov family lived first in Swaziland (southern Africa) where Lena's husband, George, worked as a medical doctor. In a search for a country of residence, the Petrovs moved to New Zealand and then Australia. Throughout this period, Lena Redman worked as a freelance illustrator and educational book designer.

After moving to Australia, Redman took the Graduate Diploma of Teaching at Monash University, Melbourne.

While working as a secondary school teacher of visual communication, design and multimedia, Redman completed her Master’s and Doctoral studies at Monash University in the area of multimodal teaching and learning.

Lena Redman lives with her family in rural Victoria where she continues the trials
of the Ripples pedagogical model and writing her books.



1 The concept of 'catching and being caught' is borrowed from Tim Ingold The Life of Lines (2015, p. 7). Routledge

I see the world as a ripplework,
where natural, social, and technological ripples

are pulsing across the ocean of time, enclosing the past and surging forward, forever catching and being caught. 1


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