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Like in Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games trilogy, where people have lost their sense of reality and,
with the absence of moral outrage, 'worry and cry' as they watch real kids killing each other to entertain them, politics in the United States has become an entertainment spectacle. Transparency, which has been always treated as a cornerstone of democracy, no longer serves for the public to make informed decisions,
but as an element in an amusement show. The politicians are the modern-day gladiators who entertain their voters by stripping off each other draping layers of morality. And if there is not much to be made fun of in what has been revealed, then a conspiracy theory comes to rescue, such as the 'birther movement' – one among many others – stirred up vigorously by Donald Trump against President Barack Obama.

Transparency and morality are no longer the tools being used for assessing the fitness of a presidential candidate, nor are they the criteria for judging the integrity of a presidential office. The highest political position in the world is now occupied not by a champion of decency, virtue and public interest, but by a show-host
who based his reality-TV career around the word 'fire.' Naturally, the fact of becoming a president didn't widen Trump's show repertoire, so he sticks to his true and tried technique by spitting 'fire' out of his mouth daily: threatening to fire those who are in his way and abusing those who he has just fired.

To justify both actions, he lies.

How did it happen?

How did people of the most prosperous economy in the world, with the highest standards of living, choose
to be represented by a person who doesn’t hesitate to mock disabled people, shamelessly strips the titles
off war heroes, talks insolently about women, advocates racially charged 'birtherism,' promotes violence against protestors at his rallies, asserts his immunity from losing followers, even if he shoots people in the middle
of Fifth Avenue, and declares anyone who doesn’t praise him, an enemy of the people? A person who did many things in his life, as well as during his presidential campaign, that together would logically qualify him
to be banned from getting even close to running for presidency, but is now the president and has been acquitted of all wrongdoing?

Seeing the world as a ripplework helps us in some ways understand how it could have happened.
It explains the interdependence, the 'whirl of catching and being caught' principle. Being involved
in a competition or race makes the entity tune its 'rippling' with the 'rippling' of its opponent, thus remixing
the components in the domains where they compete.

The launch of the Soviet Sputnik resulted in the United States education reforms causing a shift
in the all-round development of individual towards the production of technical rationality and undermining
the humanities yielding generations of science-technology experts with malfunctioning agency to respond empathetically and act on their individual curiosity, but addicted to entertainment engendering I-Don't-Care (ID'C) culture giving rise to a psychology of the possessive individual – neoliberalism leading
to the era of Trumpism.

Rippling and intermixing on both sides, in the early 21st century, two adversary societies adopted
the characteristics of the opponents that they had been fighting against during the Cold War 1957–1991.
Russia metamorphosed into a capitalist system built on top of deeply rooted socialist totalitarianism.
The United States reached a road-fork where it split into Trumpism and socialism.

One of the best working social devices that sustain Trumpism is pokazukha. Developed during Soviet times, this technique is based on a collective spectacle. It is a reality-theatre show, where everyone knows that what they do doesn't reflect reality. The players do not have scripts, but they decide on their actions on the fly
to ensure that the pokazukha show goes on.

The best example of the pokazukha playing in full swing in the United States was Trump's impeachment process, where Republicans played against truth, decency, and morals. They lied, displaying without
any hesitation their incivility and corruption, just to make sure that Trumpism would go on.


Trumpism – an offshoot of the Soviet and post-Soviet cultural trend of pokazukha. In Trumpism, the players of a political camp fight for power by employing made-up facts, criticizing their opponents by ascribing to them their own faults and gaslighting them, as if no one can see the real nature of their manipulations.

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